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Best option for now, is to download the free 20 Motivational Tips sheet from the HOME page - And explore having me help you to get on the best track for your situation. See the "Services" page for options.
If your cravings issues are for sugar and carbs, the low investment of $6.97 for the eBook guide, also on the HOME page can really help you get through the initial process of getting "unaddicted".
Please don't share the 22 Tips to Help Quit Your Sugar Cravings, beyond your immediate family members. This is one of the ways I create
income.  : ) Thanks for your consideration.

Processed carbs and cereal for breakfast, with juice for example, is an old, very outdated way of starting the day > and can increase cravings and the potential for poor eating habits during the day. Consuming many toxin filled foods and drinks create many health issues over time. Remember: Children are more heavily exposed to toxins in proportion to their body weight, and have more years of life ahead of them in which they may suffer long-term effects from early exposure.
Have more water, clean protein and healthy fats to help stop the cravings - with low sugar fruit and vegetables. Organic is always best but clean without chemicaIs is desired. I can teach you other details.

See my phototherapy patch page for this SP6 chemical free cravings and appetite control patch. Backed by science - it has helped many. When I use it I place it on my leg as directed. It can be worn on a few places on the left side of the body.  You choose the most effective option. All packs of Lifewave patches come with simple to use direction booklets showing diagrams of several choices of where to place the patch.
It's advertised on the website this way:
Compliments a weight loss program
May help to reduce cravings and appetite

Testimonials with SP6 below:
Hello there, my husband is type 2 diabetic... I started patching him with X39 and Glutathione with SP6.... he noticed he lost his cravings with sweets and his blood sugar went down to 164 from 295 in 2 weeks with SP6. I also noticed he got slimmer and no more headaches. R. Calma

"My sugar addiction has been severe. After wearing the cravings patch and the one that reduces stress and inflammation, I was given a piece of chocolate recently, and didn't even want it. The cravings patch alone is great but adding the stress/inflammation reduction patch makes me feel so much better and able to stop the crazy eating patterns. Yesterday I was talking to someone who had a cake on their desk and I had no desire to have a piece.I love the effects of these patches!" P.L. Colorado

"This small patch helps cut the cravings really fast! C.W. Longmont CO

Patch before white paper backing is removed.Use like a band-aid.

Buy SP6 Chemical Free Patches Here

Please do not buy from unknown retailers online at Amazon or eBay type websites. There is no product support, no 90 day money back guarantee and the products may not have been stored properly. They may also be heavily fined by Lifewave and disappear.

The Aeon patch is excellent for long term use and is so useful especially when you're giving up something you're addicted to. It's designed to help reduce stress and inflammation all over the body.

Aeon has been clinically tested to reduce both stress and inflammation, two major causes of aging.

Testimonials with Aeon

My personal experience after using the Aeon patch: I can say that I have noticed a nervous balancing, less stress and very deep sleep. I am still using it, I will see later what other changes occur.
Isabel M, Barcelona, Spain

I felt the difference 3 minutes after putting it on [Y-Age Aeon]. A strong vibration went up from my leg to my head and spread all over my body. After 10 minutes I was very relaxed, happy and focused on the next actions I had to take. I have never felt this good. Javier del O. Spain

I have used Aeon for six weeks only. From day two it was apparent that something different was happening. I felt really great, far less stressed. Within 3 days I was sleeping really well, falling asleep quicker, deeper and more refreshed. My partner Audrey was experiencing the same, which to me was amazing as she has been a poor sleeper for many years. Both of us sleep like babies! Two of my family members, who have only been on the patches for two weeks, are once again sleeping and feeling really well. Duncan W.  Scotland

LIFEWAVE: Lifewave is in its 16th year (as of 2004) with 12 distribution centers worldwide, distributing to more than 110 countries.