Melissa H English
 Health Resources
Speaker, Health Consultant & Chemical Free Natural Product Rep

Testimonials for her talks, classes, 1on1 coaching and the
chemical free cravings control patch, a form of patented phototherapy

Melissa's talks on sugar craving solutions and other topics:

"Melissa did a great job speaking on "Sugar Craving Solutions and Why We Need to Know" for the Kiwanis Club of Hendersonville NC. Melissa's talks would be an asset for your organization." 
Don Jones, Retired Executive Director, Henderson County Education Foundation, North Carolina

"Melissa’s presentation on “Solutions for Your Sugar Habit” was engaging and compelling. As someone who has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, I found her suggestions to be reasonable and achievable for reducing my sugar intake. Melissa’s personal experiences were relatable and were a wake-up call to me and anyone who loves sugar. I would recommend her presentation for corporations, service clubs and student organizations."
Nancy Rezac, 2017/18 Program Chair, Longmont CO Rotary Club

“Thank you so much for the inspiring presentation you did for the Rotary Club of Niwot and thank you for educating us on the dangers of “Sugar" in our diets and in our lives. I think more people should take note of this and change their eating habits so we can have a heathier world. Please keep on spreading the word by your talks and presentations.” Niwot CO, Kamla Chopra

"I have had the pleasure of hearing Melissa speak on the negative health effects of excessive sugar in the diet and about toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. In both instances, she shared very specific strategies that, if applied consistently, can result in improved health and well-being. Melissa is an engaging presenter and willingly shares her knowledge for the benefit of others." 
Mary W. Boulder CO

"Melissa brings a wealth of information and personal stories of her own as well as the experiences of others. Remarkable changes in health status as a result of the research and recommendations she has provided others have contributed greatly to their overall health and healing. Melissa is accountable, professional and patient in groups and with individuals." 
Lorri P, Boulder CO, Coordinator for Church Senior Group

Melissa's talks about phototherapy stem cell activation 2020

About the effects of the chemical free "control the cravings" phototherapy patch

"I was at a family dinner this past weekend and had just started using the cravings patch with the stress reduction patch. When dessert was offered, I didn't even want the cookies or chocolate. When I went grocery shopping today, I didn't have any cravings and just made the better smart choices." EB,Colorado

"My sugar addiction has been severe. After wearing the cravings patch and the one that reduces stress and inflammation, I was given a piece of chocolate recently, and didn't even want it. The cravings patch alone is great but adding the stress/inflammation reduction patch makes me feel so much better and able to stop the crazy eating patterns. Yesterday I was talking to someone who had a cake on their desk and I had no desire to have a piece.I love the effects of these patches!" P.L. Colorado

"This small patch helps cut the cravings really fast! C.W. Longmont CO

"I can feel the patch has worn off if I start to have desires for carbs like chips or something like that. Then I know it's time to put on a fresh one. There are 30 in a package, so last about a month." M.E. Boulder CO
“When I wear the cravings patch, I can bypass the pastries in the store, thinking I’ll get one later, then I forget about it, and never buy one.” QR, Arizona

Client comments from Melissa's health coaching:

"Thank you Melissa. You've helped me shop smarter, eat smarter and probably live longer. You provided information I did not find anywhere else and it's helped me to make important changes to the food I eat and other choices I make. Very eye opening!"
Bill G, Denver CO

"I highly recommend working with Melissa English to help you fill your cupboards with healthy options. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and fun. After our session she quickly provided additional related information. Thank you!"
K. D. Boulder CO

I met Melissa at her Sugar Solutions Meetup and decided to take the health coaching course she teaches. I learned a lot about how to curb my sugar cravings with improved nutrition, better hydration and with the help of some supplements. I also learned how to get my 11 year old son to eat a protein filled, nourishing breakfast smoothie before going to school. K.B. Boulder CO

Comment after 13 weeks of health coaching -
" I found the Nature’s Sunshine IN.FORM program to be life changing. It provided an extensive education about how to eat properly. I have lost 26 pounds (almost all body fat) in the process. I'm in my early 60’s and have found losing weight almost impossible. Too much sugar and grains were my problem. I’m 6’5” tall and weighed 248 when I started.
   A body composition device provides provides critical information such as body fat%, body water%, muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat, metabolic age, etc. in order to monitor your progress. I would recommend this program to everyone, whether you think you need it or not. My digestion is much improved, I have more energy, sleep better and feel like I’m 32 now (my current metabolic age)."
J. White, Longmont CO

"I used to crave sweets, but not anymore. And I can go out to eat with my friends, and don't feel like I need to 
eat like they do; I'm fine ordering a salad with chicken on it." Longmont CO

"My energy is much better and the inflammation in my ankles is way down." Longmont CO

"My triglycerides are down 50 points, and my cholesterol is down 20 points." Longmont CO

After 5 weeks of remote coaching -

"I just finished five weeks of remote health coaching with Melissa. I bought the student manual, had phone calls with her at least once a week and listened to some webinars. I learned so much and feel that I can now move forward more easily with my goals for having more energy and reducing by 10 to 15 pounds. I lost 4 pounds in the first week just by making the changes she suggested while using the supportive supplements." A. M. Marietta GA

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Melissa spoke to our Rotary club about the new technology of phototherapy patches. She was very knowledge of the development of the stem cell activation patches and shared the history of patches, manufacturing, testing and health advantages. Sharing her personal experiences of pain and inflammation relief, cravings help and better sleep brought a personal touch. Melissa’s program was a valuable learning time for stem cell activation.
- Dennis Lee, Gastonia NC Rotary

Phototherapy patch before paper backing removed